At Château Aspras, organic and sustainable development have been at the heart of our commitments for a long time. The collective approach launched 25 years ago with all the farmers of Correns - the first organic village in France - has given us a certain notoriety. The latter now obliges us. To be exemplary first of all, but above all to continue to question how we can always deserve this "signature" even more with dignity. Our first commitment naturally relates to a vision of sustainable viticulture and wine. Our vines, our grapes and our wines respect people and the earth; and vice versa. But the Aspras project goes further. It consists of participating at our level in the two greatest challenges that humanity has ever had to face: climate change and the fight against poverty. If the certifications (organic since 1995 or HVE since 2018) are therefore important; they are guarantees for our clients and useful methodological frameworks. Our commitments materialize at the most everyday level, such as one that might appear distant - but which is ultimately just as fundamental and rich in meaning.

We place all work at the estate all year round under three fundamental conditions: safety, respect and well-being at work. Employees are autonomous and empowered. A portion of our profits – when we make them – is donated in the form of bonuses to employees.
We are experimenting with ways of working the vines that integrate animal life into the ecosystem : promoting soil life by working only one row out of two, encouraging plant biodiversity with plantations of hedges at the edge of fields, working on several plots. with horses, sow honey plants to limit the need for plowing, place hives to improve pollination.

Organic and Biodynamic

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