Anna Spinato

Anna Spinato
Anna Spinato
It was 1952 when her father, Pietro Spinato, understood the enological potential of this magnificent land lapped by the waters of the Piave river and gave life to the wines that today bear her name: Anna Spinato. Her story begins there, alongside of her father, captivated by the ancient charm of old ways of working the land and thecountry fairs, by the magic of turning fruit into wine, and then racing over Venice to deliver it in the “Bacari” wine bars. Happy times that fueled her passion for her people, her work and her customers, today spread all over the world. Now the era of dashing to Venice is over, but the farm work remains the same; maintaining the rites and the of working the land while at the same time nurturing the winemaking process, year after year. But the best, perhaps, is yet to come, because life goes on and the story repeats itself. Today, it is wonderful to have her son Roberto by her side, helping her create exclusive packaging, providing support in the art of dominating modern technologies and giving her the energy to continue to face the challenge of reaching markets worldwide.

Lucky to live in a marvellous land that both love and respect; aware of the delicate, natural equilibrium that supports it. Knowledge and love have always guided her in the search for the best combinations of soils, microclimates and winemaking systems to obtain wines capable of enhancing the aromas of their vines and the unmistakable “flavor” of this land.

It is a steady and difficult job passed down through generations, becoming a true passion also touching her son, Roberto. Together, they decided to create wines typical of this region, such as Valdobbiadene, Prosecco, Raboso and Malanotte, alongside wines from international vines capable of expressing and enhancing the unique and distinct characteristics of our land. A shrewd choice revealing not only our love of tradition, but also the desire to open to new possibilitites in the world – a philosophy that should inform their way of thinking and their lives. For them, everything is a matter of values ​​and determination. It is precisely there traits that back to 2012 enabled them to bring their first certified organic wine to light. It was just the beginning of an exciting journey that will help us take care of the land while guaranteeing our customers well-being, good health and pure pleasure.

Anna Spinato

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